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Cathie Wood ARKF acquired 5.5% from ICE, GREE, DSY, HOOD after selling $66 Million TSLA


9/16/2021 (Bloomberg) Cathie wood’s ARK innovation funds has sold $66 Million worth of TSLA (tesla) shares or about 89,000 shares of TSLA.


Ark Investment Management LLC funds sold almost 89,000 shares in Tesla and added more than 236,000 of Robinhood, according to the firm’s daily trading update. They’ve added about 390,000 Robinhood shares so far this month.

ARK fund has sold more than a million shares of TSLA in the last 5 months following a tumble of inflation fear. China has issued an investigation of Tesla motors following privacy and security concerns.

On the 16th of September, ARKF (ARK innovation fund Finance) reported 5.5% capital allotment for ICE, GREE, DSY and HOOD. The new allotment can be accessed here:


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