Jennifer Aniston finally joins Instagram Sharing the first photo


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And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM ??

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Jennifer Aniston finally join instagram by sharing a picture of the cast of popular Tv show friends. At the time of writing this report she surpasses 100k followers and moving on.

Members of other friends cast also started to follow each other and share the same photo.

Earlier this month Jennifer revealed her lack of social media presence in an interview in E! news.

Monica Geller’s top 5 Recipe form Friends

Monica Geller's top 5 Recipe form Friends 1

Monica concocts a tempest — while shaking “Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love In My Tummy.” And, through the span of Friends, there were some important plans that I’m almost certain we as a whole needed to go after ourselves.

All things considered, that lady realized how to cook. Monica was dependably the lady and she had the enormous loft and the culinary aptitudes to back it up. Here and there, her nourishment was unreasonably complex for the gathering, similar to her salmon mousse that Joey so affectionately called “whipped fish,” her longing to poach things for extravagant gatherings, the multi-syllable sustenances for poker night, or her divert bouche that Chandler jokingly calls “delighting.” But, there were a lot of other, less scary dishes that the pack ate up. From her beautiful Thanksgiving spreads, to her gathering platters, to her all-around loaded ice chest generally fully expecting Joey appearing at any minute, Monica’s sustenance dependably looked fantastically mouth-watering and was the reason for a portion of the show’s best plots.

Here are Monica’s five most critical plans — from the Moist Maker to Mockolate — positioned in the request we most need to attempt them, from best to most exceedingly terrible, obviously.

1. Groundbreaking Thanksgiving Mac And Cheese

Monica Geller's top 5 Recipe form Friends 2

We as a whole realize Chandler doesn’t eat Thanksgiving sustenance. Along these lines, when Ross brings him home for Thanksgiving, Monica meets Chandler just because and makes him some Mac and cheese. It’s so great, Chandler says she ought to be a chef. This visit absolutely changes an incredible direction, in a larger number of ways than one!

Di’s Food Heaven made Monica’s “exemplary macintosh and cheddar” formula.

2. Birthday Flan

Monica Geller's top 5 Recipe form Friends 3

Alright, in “The One with the Two Parties,” not every person is an enthusiast of the birthday flan. How about we be genuine, two gatherings should rise to two cakes. But on the other hand, I’m certain anything Monica makes is heavenly and poor people flan is getting unfavorable criticism.

Here’s a birthday flan formula from Scrumptious Saturdays for whenever you all the while having two gatherings.
Cannot help to avoid mentioning this
“Happy birthday, Rachel! Here’s some goo!” — Joey

3. Nestle Toll House Cookies

Monica Geller's top 5 Recipe form Friends 4

Monica and Phoebe put meticulous exertion into utilizing the remainder of Phoebe’s grandma’s chocolate chip treat one that has been in the cooler for in any event two seasons to make sense of the lost formula. At last, they understand they put long periods of work into what ends up being the Nestle Toll House treat formula. That is to say, I know it’s simply Nestle chocolate chip treats, however, regardless I need one.

You can locate the exemplary Nestle formula on the back of each sack of chocolate chips, or here.

4. All The Different Kinds Of Thanksgiving Potatoes

Monica Geller's top 5 Recipe form Friends 5

Who doesn’t remember the legendary”Potatoes are ruined, potatoes are ruined, potatoes are ruined.” by Monica

At the point when Monica has Thanksgiving just because, in “The One Where Underdog Gets Away,” she overextends herself by making various types of potatoes that are reminiscent of home for every companion. Phoebe’s has peas onions, Ross needs knotty pureed potatoes, and Joey needs tots. Be that as it may, does anybody care what Monica needs? Nooooo!

5. Blue Fingernail Quiche

Monica Geller's top 5 Recipe form Friends 6

At the point when Monica cooks a gathering for her excessively critical mother, she gets a ton of reaction from her mother when she loses a blue false fingernail in the quiche. Her mother at that point hauls back-up solidified lasagna out the cooler, saying she had it from the start just on the off chance that her little girl pulled a Monica, for example, messed up. Monica and Phoebe at that point change the meaning of Judy Geller’s brutal expression and make a spread that puts the solidified lasagna to disgrace. They truly end up pulling a Monica. In any case, you know, nail or no nail, somebody needs to eat the destroyed quiche. Someone like Joey… or me.

It’s a simple lasagna formula to have reinforcement, just in the event that you “Pull a Monica” in the kitchen.


10 Hollywood Famous Actors Who Appeared in Friends Tv Show

Friends TV show

Friends cameo

Friends are the most standout amongst the most famous sitcoms ever, thanks in huge part to the extraordinary science between its six center stars — Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. Be that as it may, notwithstanding its generously compensated group cast, the NBC show additionally widened its intrigue by highlighting many superstar visitor stars during its time on air. While numerous well-known stars made appearances all through the sitcom’s 10-season run, a few appearances emerged more than others. Here are 10 of the best VIP visitor stars on Friends, positioned arranged by memorability. Here are the celebrities who are fans of friends Tv show and later they became guest stars on friends. famous celebrities in friends



10. Susan Sarandon

Friends cameo

Joey gets another opportunity at being a TV show star in Season 7, with some assistance from Susan Sarandon. the Episode was called “The One With Joey’s New Brain”. In the scene, he discovers that his previous character Dr. Drake Ramoray, who has been in a state of extreme lethargy for a long time, is getting another brain. Where does that new brain originate from? You got it — Jessica Lockhart, the TV character played by the narcissistic veteran star, Sarandon.

9. Robin Williams

Friends cameo

Robin Williams made a brief, however extraordinary impression during a Season 3 scene in the episode “The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion” which they boisterously burst into Central Perk and intruded on a discussion between the six companions by requesting that they move over on the love seat. As the group before long catches, Williams’ character presumes his significant other is laying down with another person. They’re altogether stunned when Billy Crystal’s character concedes he is the person her identity laying down with.

8. George Clooney

george clooney in friends

George clooney friends guest stars

ER stars George Clooney showed up in Season 1 of the individual NBC appear. In the episode “The One With Two Parts” the two played a couple of specialists who ask Monica and Rachel out on the town. What they can be sure of is that Rachel is utilizing Monica’s name so as to use her medical coverage. Obviously, bedlam results, prompting one unbalanced date.

7. Hugh Laurie

dr house in friends

We as a whole realize what it resembles to stall out by that uneasy, excessively chatty individual on a plane. In Season 4 of Friends, that individual was Rachel, and she was sitting beside Hugh Laurie, who plays a man on a departure from New York to London. At the point when Rachel loads onto the trip on her approach to attempt to stop Ross and Emily’s wedding, she’s an anxious wreck, making it a terrible ride for the diverting exasperated Laurie.

6. Julia Roberts

julia roberts as a guest star in friends

Chandler’s past comes back to haunt him in Season 2 in the form of Julia Roberts as Susie “Underpants” Moss. Susie attended the same school as Chandler as a child and still remembers the time that he pulled down her pants in front of the whole school, earning her the hated nickname. She pretends to forgive Chandler and agrees to go on a date with him, seducing him into taking off his clothes and putting on her underwear in a restaurant stall. Then, she takes off, finally getting her long-awaited revenge.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Friends cameo

Ressee witherspoon appeared in the show as one of the sister of Racheal (Jennifer Aniston) and made her way as one of the prospect girl to date Ross in Friends Tv show. Later christina applegate friends guest stars was appeared

4. Paul Rudd

ant man in friends

Phoebe at long last gets a cheerful completion on account of Paul Rudd’s character, Mike Hannigan. During his 18-episode stretch on Season 9 and 10 of the show, Mike meets Phoebe on an irregular arranged to meet up set up by Joey and the two commencement a genuine relationship. In spite of the fact that they separate because of clashing perspectives on marriage, they end up getting back together and — after a few bombed proposition — get hitched, during which Mike announces he is so grateful to have somebody “so brilliantly odd.”

3. Bruce Willis

bruce willis in friends

Bruce Willis won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on the 6th period of the show, in which he played Paul Stevens, the dad of Ross’ a lot more youthful sweetheart Elizabeth, who does not favor of the match. Whenever Ross and Elizabeth attempt to get away to Paul’s lodge, he interferes with them by appearing with Rachel, whom he’s dating. As an approach to set himself up for a night with Rachel, he begins moving and singing to himself in the mirror. Ross gets him in the demonstration and later uses it furthering his potential benefit.

2. Denise Richards

denise in friends


Denise Richards showed up in the Friends Season 7 scene “The One With Ross And Monica’s Cousin”, as the main character, Cassie. An exceptionally excellent lady, she causes Chandler, Ross and even Phoebe to be pulled in to her when she comes to visit, prompting tense circumstances as they are her cousin’s life partner, cousin and another lady individually.

1. Brad Pitt

brad pitt in friends

The most noteworthy visitor star appearance on the long-running sitcom was that of Brad Pitt in Season 8. Pitt played Ross’ closest companion from secondary school, Will Colbert, who considered Rachel his greatest foe other than complex carbs, that is. His disdain toward her ran so profoundly that he haughtily concedes that in secondary school, he began talking that she was a bisexual. Adding to the giggles? Pitt was really hitched to Jennifer Aniston at the season of his appearance.





6 Times Courtney Cox (Monica) is the Queen of Comedy


Courteney cox aka monica is the most amazing character from Friends. Amazing personality, maturity and witty character won the hearts of million of people.

Here are 10 times Monica won again the hearts of fans.

  1. She transformed herself into a man and said “how you doin” with Isla Fisher


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That line really does work! Doesn’t it @islafisher ? #justacoupleofguys

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2.  She beat Jared Leto in beard and metro sexual makeover


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Jared Leto vibes today. #feelinggorgeous

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3.  Posed as an alien


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Surrounded by the natural beauty of Ireland ? #lougheske #donegal

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4. Let’s get ugly with Ed Sheeran


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Happy Birthday to my authentic, down to earth, uber talented, kind friend @teddysphotos !!! ?

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5. Who got the widest mouth with Lisa Kudrow!


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I’ve never looked better. And Courteney too.

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6. Best as the Last, the three musketeers Unite.

X-men Dark Phoenix: Ten Facts That Fan Might Miss

X- Men Dark Phoenix
Copyright: Marvel

X-Men: Dark Phoenix may not be getting a ton of affection with fans or pundits. Perhaps it was the way that fans all realized this was the last one, possibly there was some weariness from each other film discharged being a superhuman motion picture—all things considered, a previous couple of years have seen a flat out overabundance of huge spending plan hero discharges hitting the cinema. Be that as it may, there are still a few things to like about the last X-Men motion picture of the Twentieth Century Fox time. One of these cool things to see is another Merry Marching Marvel Mutant making her introduction; the demigod, Dazzler!

It took twelve X-films to get her to the enormous stage—and that is somewhat ludicrous when you consider it—yet her appearance execution didn’t disillusion. Appearing in Uncanny X-Men #130, which adventitiously occurred during “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” with a cool tune composed by the band Odessa. While her first appearance is, sadly, her toward the end in the FXU (Fox X-Men Universe), she’s been an X-Man, an Avenger, and an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. there’s a lot of space for her in the MCU. In any case, Who’s That Girl? Here are 10 Things To Know About Dark Phoenix’s Dazzler. Fox might be finished with the property, however, this character is certainly simply beginning!



Copyright: Marvel

Conceived in Gardendale, New York to guardians Carter and Katherine Blaire, Dazzler was conceived, Alison Blaire. In the same way as other freaks, she adored your ordinary regular daily existence until her forces showed. She was a hopeful artist and artist, and, fortunately, that was a vocation she had the option to seek after even after she turned into a freak.


Copyright: Marvel

When we, at last, meet Dazzler in Dark Phoenix, she’s being played by entertainer Halston Sage. Science fiction and dream fans would know her best as Lt. Alara Kitan on Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville. She’s had a quite not too bad vocation for somebody so youthful, featuring in the film Paper Towns and Goosebumps. She is additionally no outsider to being a demigod, having been in a few music recordings and the Nickelodeon arrangement, How To Rock.


Copyright: Marvel

Envision an existence where a Dazzler motion picture originated before even Howard The Duck. It could have occurred. Dazzler was initially made to some extent in view of an arrangement Marvel had hit with Casablanca Records, most well known for having marked glitz shake act KISS back in their prime, to create a disco hero. At that point manager in-boss, Jim Shooter had even composed a screenplay. Dazzler was set up to turn into an 80s super pop symbol. At the point when cash turned into worry, Casablanca took their ball and returned home, yet Dazzler suffered and keeps on doing as such right up ’til today.


X- Men Dark Phoenix
Copyright: Marvel

Due to all the gaudy lights and neon, it’s anything but difficult to mistake Dazzler’s capacities for Jubilee’s, however they’re really extraordinary. The celebration had the option to make firecrackers through plasma. Be that as it may, Dazzler’s are much crazier; she’s ready to change over sound into light emissions sorts of fluctuating quality. At a certain point, Galactus had presented her to the hints of a dark gold detonating to intensify her forces so she could enable him to discover his messenger, Terrax. She can control a wide range of vibrations from music to intensify her light bars or store it for sometime later.


Copyright: Marvel

Like such a significant number of X-Men throughout the years, Dazzler too has had a long haul relationship. He was with the additional dimensional freak, Longshot. Their relationship is just about as unusual as some other relationship on the X-Universe. To sum things up, it includes a triangle with Rogue, experiences in Longshot’s home, Mojoworld, and amnesia for the two characters. Longshot helps Dazzler recover her recollections, yet after Longshot recovers his, their relationship is changed, and Dazzler severs it. They could possibly be Shatterstar’s folks.


Copyright: Marvel

You can’t be a major globe-jogging hero without an unfaltering army of fans, isn’t that so? Despite the fact that she’s anecdotal, Dazzler is the same. She even has a lot of well-known fans inside the Marvel Universe. A portion of her increasingly acclaimed fans incorporates hyper pixie dream freaks young ladies like Shadowcat and Molly Hayes. She additionally has fans among her X-Men adversaries like Juggernaut and Rhino.


Copyright: Marvel

Had Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg had his direction, Dazzler would have made her extra large screen debut a movie prior in Apocalypse. All things considered, that film was set in the period that she was made in the eighties. During the time spent experimentation of scriptwriting, her appearance fell by the wayside. The character was managed to an appearance that got erased. At the point when the children head to the record store, they discover a Dazzler record.


Copyright: Marvel

At the season of her creation, an on-screen character named Bo Derek was the majority of the wraths. She was the best known for the now-notable running on the shoreline shot in the motion picture, 10. To the extent of turning into the artistic form of Dazzler, the task clearly never observed fulfillment. To start with, Dazzler was expected to look increasingly like Grace Jones, she was changed to look progressively like Derek. Be that as it may, the undertaking was as yet damned, and when Derek’s better half John was denied the opportunity to coordinate, they left the venture.


Copyright: Marvel

While Halston Sage worked admirably in her appearance execution, had Kinberg and organization gotten their direction, a genuine super pop star would have been able to play the anecdotal one. Taylor Swift’s name was bandied going to wear the sparkle and play the captivating Dazzler. The center buddy began when Swifty visited the arrangement of Apocalypse. It was apparently all simply guess dependent on neighborly pictures and tweets.


Copyright: Marvel

Lois London grew up adoring Dazzler’s music. In any case, because of her mom Barbara not talking about her shameful past, she never understood that she was Alison Blaire’s relative. While they were quickly joined together, those inclinations soured and Lois ended up remaining with her alienated and injurious dad, presently an affluent man. Her forces showed as having the option to make an obscure vitality field. She and Dazzler appear to be safe to one another’s forces, like Scott and Alex Summers’ forces.



10 Facts About Avengers End Game that We missed

Avengers  End Game 2019 Facts

10 Facts About Avengers End Game that We missed 7
Avengers end game

Avengers: Endgame has just turned into the second most elevated earning motion picture ever. Which means fans are finally getting the opportunity to perceive how the primary decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is wrapped up. The blockbuster flick, which finished up the 22-film long Infinity Saga, was jam-stuffed with force, energizing activity scenes, high feeling, and a huge amount of inconspicuous certainties you may have missed.


10 Facts About Avengers End Game that We missed 8
Avengers end game

It was everything except affirmed that Captain America would wear his scale protective armor again, however it was unobtrusive how it was presented. For the duration of the time-traveling grouping, Captain America was wearing his outfit from The Avengers. He didn’t wear the scale armor until the group had collected another Infinity Gauntlet. It’s misty where the new suit originated from or why it would be an alternate plan, however, it hearkens to his appearance in the funnies. Considering Captain America’s other notable minutes in the motion picture, it’s fitting that it would be an ideal opportunity to draw out this suit.


Avengers end game

After the residue clears and the burial service is finished, Captain America has one employment left to do: return the Infinity Stones to their unique areas in the timetable. He carries out this responsibility independent from anyone else, saying his goodbyes to both Sam Wilson and Bucky. When conversing with Bucky, he advises his companion to not do anything moronic while he’s gone. Bucky comments, “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.” This was a line the two partaken in Captain America: The First Avenger before Steve got the super soldier serum. It was a decent callback before Steve chose to experience his life.


Avengers end game

Avengers: Endgame commences with Tony and Nebula being taken back to Earth by Captain Marvel. Whenever Tony and Steve see each other out of the blue since Captain America: Civil War, plainly Tony isn’t all there. The main thing he says to Steve is that he “lost the kid.” This first line grandstands Tony’s sheer blame at watching Peter Parker transform into the residue. Review that, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony says to Peter, “If you die, I feel like that’s on me.” Tony watched his most noticeably awful feelings of dread materialize, which is the main thing he could discuss when seeing the Avengers once more.


Avengers end game

During Tony Stark’s memorial service, Happy Hogan chats with Stark’s girl in a little discussion. He inquires as to whether there’s anything she’d like to eat, to which she answers cheeseburgers. Upbeat grins and says that her father adored cheeseburgers. This is a reference to Iron Man when Tony Stark returns from being taken a prisoner.


Avengers end game

Tony had an unpleasant time with his dad, Howard Stark. Notwithstanding, there was still a touch of affection for him, as to confirm in Avengers: Endgame. Whenever Tony and Steve go to the 1970s to reclaim the Space Stone, Tony gets together with his dad. The two offer discussions about parenthood, which moves Tony extraordinarily. Subsequent to stating his farewells, Howard goes to his vehicle, where his butler Jarvis is hanging tight for him. This is a similar Edwin Jarvis who showed up in the Agent Carter TV series. This is a noteworthy bind from the motion pictures to the TV appears, as most references generally go a different way.


Avengers end game

During the last fight, Thanos understands that he’s beginning to lose. This spurs him to have his ship fire a torrent of impacts on the front line, decimating both the Avengers and his very own officers. A large number of the legends are seen hiding from the impact, including Rocket and Groot. This time, however, Rocket shields Groot with his own body, shouting simultaneously. Rocket officially figured out how to acknowledge his family in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, however, lost them in Avengers: Infinity War. Seeing Groot went to clean, it just bodes well that Rocket would now put his life at stake for his surrogate child.


Avengers end game 2019

During the last battle, there was no single shot that brought the majority of the MCU characters into one casing. Rather, that shot was shrewdly executed during Tony Stark’s burial service. The camera container through those at the memorial service, demonstrating each character there.


Avengers end game 2019
Avengers end game 2019

Joe Russo tends to the appearance in the films he coordinates. In Avengers: Endgame, he has an appearance during Captain America’s melancholy directing gathering. He is one of the participants who comments an individual tale about going out on the town, just for both him and his date to cry about the general population they lost in the Decimation. Captain America at that point relates his account of being solidified in ice and losing everybody he cherished, empowering the gathering that they have to proceed onward. It’s one of Russo’s more drawn out appearances, so more falcon looked at watchers will likely spot it immediately.


10 Facts About Avengers End Game that We missed 9

The opening scene for Avengers: Endgame portrays Hawkeye investing energy with his family. He’s showing his little girl how to shoot a bow and bolt while his significant other sets them up sausage. We don’t get name drops for his kids other than one: Nate. Nathaniel Pietro Barton was the kid destined to Hawkeye and his significant other in Avengers: Age of Ultron, named after both Black Widow and Quicksilver. This is an unpretentious bother at Hawkeye’s cozy relationship to Black Widow, which makes it even more shocking when she forfeits herself so he can get the Soul Stone. Presently, his child respects two individuals who relinquished themselves for him.

10. KORG’S PS4

avengers endgame tickets

At the point when the Avengers choose to recover the group together, Rocket and Hulk are sent to get Thor from New Asgard. Valkyrie discloses to them that Thor hasn’t been found in months, so they go into his home worriedly. Thor has put on weight, however, he’s living in a man-house with Miek and Korg. Korg is playing Fortnite out of sight, which prompts an amusing muffle. In any case, some might not have seen that Korg is really playing on a PS4, prove by the light bar originating from the controller. It appears that the general population of New Asgard aren’t huge aficionados of Microsoft.

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS?

As friends finished airing in 2004, till now millions of fans are dying to see friends. with the huge success and amazing rating in Netflix Friends has been the most popular TV show ever.

Here are some of the child actors/actresses that are now nearly unrecognizable. Some continued their involvement with TV and media while others continued with different aspects of their life.

Ross Geller’s Son Ben

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS? 10

Emma Geller Racheal Daughter

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS? 11

Dakota Fanning As Mckenzie

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS? 12

At the time of friends filming Dakota Fanning was also acting in several movies and tv programs. She later had an important role in Twilight Saga.

Emily Osment as Lelani Mayolanofavich

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS? 13

If you remember the cute girl on the Halloween party, Melania is one of the star that came in the show.
She did a little bit of acting , as she grew up she starting developing her career in singing, and later she became one of the promising face in music industry.

Daryll Sabra as Owen

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS? 14

If you remember When chandler and Monica went to a parent for adoption agency they met owen. Chandler’s witty joke made him aware of his adopted life.

Mae Whiteman as Sarah

Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS? 15