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Can you recognize these 6 Child actors from FRIENDS?


As friends finished airing in 2004, till now millions of fans are dying to see friends. with the huge success and amazing rating in Netflix Friends has been the most popular TV show ever.

Here are some of the child actors/actresses that are now nearly unrecognizable. Some continued their involvement with TV and media while others continued with different aspects of their life.

Ross Geller’s Son Ben

Emma Geller Racheal Daughter

Dakota Fanning As Mckenzie

At the time of friends filming Dakota Fanning was also acting in several movies and tv programs. She later had an important role in Twilight Saga.


Emily Osment as Lelani Mayolanofavich

If you remember the cute girl on the Halloween party, Melania is one of the star that came in the show.
She did a little bit of acting , as she grew up she starting developing her career in singing, and later she became one of the promising face in music industry.

Daryll Sabra as Owen

If you remember When chandler and Monica went to a parent for adoption agency they met owen. Chandler’s witty joke made him aware of his adopted life.

Mae Whiteman as Sarah


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