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Blue Man Group said Bye to Orlando after 14 years!!




ORLANDO, FLORIDA- Blue man group has announced that they will not be returning to the stage at Universal Orlando. They entertained the audience with vibrant music, light, and art.


The show ran continuously for 14 years at a universal level in old Nickelodeon Studio’s building, but it had been closed since last March due to pandemic situation.

On Monday, the group announced on their Twitter account,

“Thank you to the Blue Man Orlando cast, crew, and staff for more than 6,000                                 shows,” “And to the millions of fans who shared in our incredible 14-year run.”

According to an announcement, the Blue man group will restart their show in another location. In their tweet, they told that they might start their show in Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and Boston when it will be safe to reopen.


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