Democratic officials calls for Federal investigations upon Governor Ron

Democratic - Governor

Democratic officials in Florida have called for federal investigations into Governor Ron DeSantis for allegedly prioritizing vaccine doses to wealthy donors in exchange for political favors.

Governor Ron DeSantis is coming in for scrutiny after reports alleged that almost all communities belonging to the Governor’s high-value donors received their jabs from mobile clinics by mid-January, while vaccinations have been much harder to come by for lower-income neighborhoods.

Nikki Fried, the state agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried and state Democratic Senate leader Gary Farmer called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate what they called the potential wrongdoing by the government.

“If this isn’t public corruption, I don’t know what is,” Ms. Nikki Fried said at a news conference. “I will not stand by and let our vaccines be used as political gain and to go to be auctioned by the highest bidders while so many of our Floridians are suffering.”

Moreover, they demanded an investigation into whether $3.9m of donations made to the governor’s political action committee were linked to vaccination distribution in what they say appeared to be a “pay to play” scheme.

Senator Gary Farmer slammed what he described as the governor’s “vaccine auction” and wrote a letter to US attorney general Monty Wilkinson on Thursday by saying, “The prioritization of the wealthy and affluent for vaccinations is morally reprehensible in its own right, but the exchange of hard-to-get vaccines for political contributions is nothing short of criminal,”.

Representative Charlie Crist has also raised concerns over the vaccine distribution in Florida and wrote a letter in February to the acting attorney general to investigate the governor allegedly favoring “political allies and donors” over higher-risk communities.

Governor Ron DeSantis has strongly denied the allegations and said the vaccine drive was administered by “a South Florida hospital” and not his office. His office also issued a statement, calling the allegations a “manufactured narrative with political motivations”.

On Thursday, Governor Ron DeSantis said at the news conferences that were conducted in Crystal River – “That was not a site that we were involved in in the Keys,’’.

On Wednesday, the Miami Herald reported that the “ultra-exclusive” Ocean Reef Club community in the Florida Keys, which accounts for dozens of Governor Ron DeSantis’s donors, had 1,200 people vaccinated by mid-January while many Floridians struggled to get their jabs.


$275 for 12 weeks; weekly unemployment payment for Floridians

275 - unemployed payment

On Tuesday, Senate President Wilton Simpson put forward that he would be willing to raise the weekly unemployment payments during the 2021 Legislative Session for Florida.

Currently, Floridians on unemployment are eligible to receive $275 per week for 12 weeks.

Senate President William Simpson told the reporters after his Opening Day address that said he would be “willing to embrace an increase.”

“We need to take a serious look at bringing that $275 up to something higher than that,” Simpson said.

While the Trilby Republican stopped short of offering a dollar figure, he acknowledged that self-sustainment on $275 a week is a dated concept. Moreover, he also said that a minimum wage of $15 at 40 hours a week would amount to around $600 payment.

However, William Simpson offered a few details – he recommended that Florida could go through the unemployment models of nearby states. He also stated that a system would be needed to wipe out unemployment fraud.

“There’s been so much fraud in the employment system throughout this country,” Simpson said. “We’ve had some in Florida also, where folks have come in and obviously scammed the system.”

William Simpsons’ remarks come as lawmakers force Florida’s unemployment system under a microscope.

Once described by Governor Ron DeSantis as a “jalopy in the Daytona 500,” Florida’s CONNECT online system struggled amid the COVID-19-induced spike in unemployment.

The failure left thousands of Floridians without benefits for weeks, even months. It also prompted an investigation into the system.

Repairing the so-called “jalopy” won’t be cheap.

Created in 2013 under then-Governor Rick Scott state officials estimate more than $73 million is needed to revamp the system over the next two years.

“I think if you can cut the fraud out and gain some efficiencies and not have to spend, you know, $70 million every five years to get a new system that can’t do the job, then we can certainly afford to look at increasing the $275 to a more reasonable amount,” William Simpson said.


Florida Governor DeSantis declares plan to respect Rush Limbaugh by bringing state’s banners down to half-staff

Florida Governor DeSantis declares plan to respect Rush Limbaugh by bringing state's banners down to half-staff 1

Rush Limbaugh, 70, who was broadcasting the highest-rated talk-show in the history of talk radio from Palm Beach, passed away this week after battling stage-4 lung cancer for almost one year. Limbaugh was unflinchingly conservative, wildly partisan, bombastically self-promoting, and larger than life.

On Friday, DeSantis said flags in Florida would come down in honor of Rush Limbaugh, a legendary radio personality who died earlier this week. For decades, the radio host and Palm Beach resident railed against the American left, giving an unfiltered conservative viewpoint to millions of devoted listeners.

“Rush busted through a media landscape in which a handful of media outlets served up pre-cooked, liberal narratives,” DeSantis said in a statement earlier this week. “Rush is the (greatest of all time) — of radio, of conservative media and of inspiring a loyal army of American patriots.”

“What we do when there are things of this magnitude, once the date of internment for Rush is announced, we’re going to be lowering the flags to half-staff,” DeSantis said in West Palm Beach.

Governor Ron DeSantis also told Fox News Channel that Limbaugh was a legend in his field and he is incomparable. “He had me on when I was running for governor and I was getting the tar kicked out of me every day … I was honored to appear on his show a couple of times. We are going to miss him dearly”, Governor DeSantis said.

Limbaugh’s death has been widely mourned by conservatives, although critics have highlighted past comments by him that they suppose were one-sided and are evidently racist. He is known to often vocalize the Republican platform better and more entertainingly than any party leader, becoming a GOP kingmaker.

However, Democrats, including a potential 2022 opponent, were not happy to hear the news about the flag-lowering.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz took it to Twitter and said, “Rush Limbaugh weaponized his platform to spread racism, xenophobia, and homophobia across the nation. His constant hateful rhetoric caused untold damage to our political landscape.” She went ahead further to say that “DeSantis’ decision to honor him is an embarrassment to Florida.”

Democrats, including a potential 2022 opponent, were not happy to hear the news about the flag-lowering.

“DeSantis is lowering Florida’s flags to half–staff for Rush Limbaugh. But he had no words for Congressman John Lewis. Priorities,” tweeted Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Friday.

Governor Ron DeSantis has previously ordered flags to be at half-staff to honor the deaths of law enforcement officers killed on duty, members of the Navy killed in a mass shooting in Pensacola, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, among others.


Ted Cruz gets slammed for vacationing during crisis

Ted Cruz gets slammed for vacationing during crisis 2

Senator Ted Cruz fled the state in the middle of a record-breaking cold temperature which causes a lack of power and water. Citizens have taken it to the internet by making memes about the situation. Disappointments from the public had risen as Senator Ted flew to Cancun, Mexico for a holiday where his people were left with no power or water.

Cruz later said that he felt bad about making that decision and expressed regret after returning to his Houston home Thursday evening from a trip that has earned fierce criticism on social media and in his own backyard.

“I started having second thoughts almost the moment I sat down on the plane because, on the one hand, all of us who are parents have a responsibility to take care of our kids, take care of our family. That’s something Texans have been doing across the state,” said Cruz.

Cruz said that he planned to work remotely via phone and online and that he never intended to neglect his duties to the Texans. His citizens took it outside his house to express their anger towards his decision. Cruz said that he understands how upset they would be feeling right now due to the decision he took. He also requested his citizens to treat each other with respect and decency and try to understand the situation at this time of crisis. “Of course, I understand why people are upset. Listen, we’re in a strange time where Twitter’s been going crazy and the media is going crazy and there’s a lot of venom and vitriol that I think is unfortunate frankly on both sides,” Cruz said.

MSNBC anchor David Shuster criticized the senator’s decision on Twitter by saying “Just confirmed @SenTedCruz and his family flew to Cancun tonight for a few days at a resort they’ve visited before. Cruz seems to believe it isn’t much for him to do in Texas for the millions of fellow Texans who remain without electricity/water and are literally freezing.” David Shuster’s tweet went viral, garnering nearly 50,000 retweets and more than 70,000 likes as of 1 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Cruz’s former opponent Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat who lost to Cruz in the 2018 Texas race for U.S. Senate, called out his former opponent during an appearance on MSNBC Thursday for “vacationing in Cancún right now when people are literally freezing to death in the state that he was elected to represent.”

Moreover, Trevor Noah commented on this situation on the Daily Show and said that “I mean, look, I get that Ted Cruz is tired. The man deserves a break after trying so hard to overthrow the government, but this is not the time, Ted!”

Photos of Mr. Cruz and his wife, Heidi, boarding the flight surfaced quickly across various social media platforms and left both his political allies and rivals filled with shock at a tropical trip as a disaster unfolded at home. Moreover, text messages were leaked and showed that sent Ms. Cruz hastily planned a trip to Mexico with her friends since their house was “FREEZING”.


Governor Ron DeSantis defends controversial vaccine deal on Fox News

Governor Ron DeSantis defends controversial vaccine deal on Fox News 3

On Wednesday, 17th February 2021, Governor RonDesantis defends himself against those who criticized him about the state’s vaccine rollout on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham. 

The Governor made national news for suggesting Wednesday morning that the state could divert vaccines to more grateful counties as the state looks to vaccinate seniors.

“I was criticized by the same types of folks for putting seniors first,” DeSantis said. “Well, guess what. Florida’s seniors are glad that we put them first.”

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, Vanessa Baugh announced that dedicated shipments would serve two zip codes, 34202 and 34211 which led to controversies as those happen to be the wealthiest zip codes in the country. They also lie within Baugh’s County Commission district.

During the morning press conference in Lakewood Ranch, reporters hounded Governor Ron with questions about the local rollout. Manatee County Commissioner Misty Servia, a Republican, criticized the selection of these two areas at a Board of County Commissioners’ work session on Tuesday.

Fox didn’t play the tape on those remarks, but they did show a clip from a Manatee County Commission meeting from Tuesday, featuring Commissioner Misty Servia. In the clip, the Republicans criticized the state for prioritizing the “whitest demographic, the richest demographic” in the county.

“It’s racist to follow the science and vaccinate the most vulnerable population?” Ingraham asked. “I don’t understand this. Now we’re checking boxes of ethnicity and color? I thought it was about the science, saving lives.”

“You’re taking the Whitest demographic, the richest demographic in Manatee County and putting them ahead of everyone else,” Servia said. “The optics are bad … very bad — I’m disappointed,” she added.

DeSantis fired back at the county officials who had concerns with the choice.

“And now all of a sudden someone is telling me that we were able to go in and pull names out — pull a certain demographic out — and say, ‘These are the people that we’re going to serve,'” he added at the Tuesday meeting.

“If Manatee County doesn’t like us doing this, we are totally fine doing this in counties that want it,” DeSantis said at the Wednesday conference. “Most people, I think, will want it. There are going to be folks who complain about getting more vaccines. But I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t be complaining.”

“We’re going to look to do more and more with the additional doses but anyone in Manatee … if they don’t want us doing it, then just tell us, and we’ll make sure that that that we send those doses to folks who want it,” he also repeated later in the news conference.

The governor also noted that the doses that will be distributed at this location are in addition to the doses allocated to the county as a whole and that he has set up two of these vaccination events every week in places like The Villages, Kings Point, and Sun City in Hillsborough County.

Commissioner Reggie Bellamy, a Democrat, also noted that he’s been “fighting like hell to show people that the (vaccine) lottery is equal and we cannot compromise the system.”

The Governor also repeated a similar refrain, that locking down the economy doesn’t work. All schools open, businesses free to be open, workers guaranteed right to work, and tax revenue higher than expected, DeSantis said. Meanwhile, the state is below the national average in COVID-19 deaths per capita despite having the second oldest population in the United States.

“These lockdowns on their own just don’t work,” DeSantis said. “Even if you didn’t care about the economy, even if you didn’t care about education, they don’t work to stop the spread, and I think the results in Florida and elsewhere show that.”



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Tips for Using Screenshots Efficiently in Your Content

Tips for Using Screenshots Efficiently in Your Content 4

Make your articles and blog posts more interesting using screenshots, especially when creating in-depth guides, tutorials, and whitepapers. Providing references is essential to help the readers understand what the text says. The visual representation will boost comprehension and clarity of how-to guides and eliminate confusion. 

Moreover, images have a much more substantial impact on readers’ minds than chunks of text. 

Before delving into how to use screenshots effectively in your content, let’s look at how to take screenshots on different devices. 

  • Windows – Press the PrtSc button on the keyboard to take a screenshot, and then you can press Control + V to paste the image on any editing program like Word, PowerPoint, or Paint. 
  • Macs – On your Mac, press Shift + Command + 3 to take a screenshot. Capture a portion of the screen by pressing Shift + Command + 4 and capture a menu or window by pressing Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar. The screenshots get saved on the desktop by default. If too many screenshots have cluttered your desktop, you may wonder how to remove screenshots from desktop Mac. The simplest method is to select the screenshot you wish to delete and press Command + Delete. 
  • iOS – Press the top button and the Home button simultaneously to take a screenshot. 
  • Android – Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to capture whatever is on your screen. 

Now Here’s How You can Effectively use Screenshots in Your Content. 

  • Crop the image to remove unnecessary details 

Before including the screenshot in your blog post or article, you must crop the image to remove the unwanted details. If there are too many details in the image captured, the readers might get confused. 

  • Paste the captured image in relevant places 

Pasting screenshots anywhere in your blog post, article, or social media content will not help meet your purpose. For instance, if you are creating a how-to guide to teach your audience how to use a product, the images must be placed to explain each of the steps the readers must take. So place the captured image of turning on the product above or below the text about turning on the product. 

When pictures support blocks of text, it helps the readers get more clarity and understand better what they have to do. 

  • Edit your personal information 

Double-check all screenshots before using them in your content. You might be giving away sensitive information through screenshots if you are not careful. 

So it would be best if you always edited the pictures before pasting them into your content. 

  • Take quality screenshots 

When taking screenshots, ensure the browser is set to 100% resolution. It is also advised to zoom the detail you want to capture so that the image doesn’t appear blurry or pixelated. 

Readers must see the screenshot and understand precisely what you want to show them. 

  • Compress the images 

Sometimes, screenshots may end up being very large files. As a content writer or marketer, you must know that the best blogging practices dictate that you must keep the image file sizes small. However, the small image size must not damage the picture’s resolution. 

Typically, an image must be closer to 100 KB but if you exceed this, try to keep it below 500 KB. 

To reduce image file size, you can resize and compress the images. This is important because large image file sizes included in blog posts and articles can reduce the loading speed and result in a bad user experience. 

  • Add annotations 

If you want to make your screenshots more effective, add magnification effects, arrows, text, and more. This adds more meaning to the captured image and helps readers understand precisely what they must do. 

If you want to highlight a specific line, you can underline it so that the readers do not miss seeing the line. You can also circle exact words or numbers to highlight them. 

  • Add timestamps 

If you are working on an investigative piece, it is a good idea to add a timestamp to your captured images. This will prove that the picture was taken on a specific date and time. In addition, it will add more value to the screenshot. 

You can use photo editing software to add a timestamp and most in-built photo editing tools offer this feature. Using your Android or iOS device to capture the screenshot, you can edit and add a timestamp using user-friendly apps. These apps even let users add the location where the screenshot was taken. 

The Bottom Line 

So take your content marketing efforts to the next level using self-explanatory, crisp, and high-quality screenshots. Including screenshots in your articles, blog posts, website content, or social media content will give more clarity to the readers and a break from scrolling through blocks of text. However, ensure to use relevant screenshots supporting the text written. 


What is Pngpress and how can you use it?

 pngpress png transparent image download

What is is a website that enables users to download png transparent images. The images are licensed under two categories:

  1. Personal use
  2. Commercial use

Personal use: If you are an avid blogger or a corporate employee you can easily download png transparent images from pngpress. There are 1 million transparent background images in the site that you can use for your photoshop, graphics design, PowerPoint projects.

Commercial use: Same as personal use, but in this case the end product can be resold. For example you are publishing a book that is going to be sold in a different marketplace. You can easily buy a commercial license from pngpress and use it in your product.

What are png transparent images?

png = portable network graphics is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. a png image transparent background can be used as a sticker for many designs. Png images are the most widely used images across the internet.

Body of valencia student Miya Marcano found || Orlando news


miya marcano

Orlando News

Orlando, Florida: According to orange county Sheriff John Mina the body of 19 year of valencia college sophmore Miya Marcano has been found in a wooded area near an apartment building. 

Miya Marcano was vanished reported missing on Sept 24th. A maintenance worker named “Armando Caballero” was the prime suspect of her missing. Unfortunately, he has killed himself. His body was found three days after Marcano’s missing.

Orange County sheriff declined to comment on the cause of death.



Couldn’t invest in bitcoin? Invest in this stock that has 10,000% profit potential (GREE stock)

Couldn't invest in bitcoin? Invest in this stock that has 10,000% profit potential (GREE stock) 5

The global cryptocurrency market today is $1.98 Trillion. in 2018 Bitcoin’s market capital was less than $50 Billion. but within 3 years it rose from $3500 to all the way to $60,000 bringing 2000% capital gains on any investment .

Along with bitcoin a rise of alt coins and crypto projects rose as high has 500% on average.

If you look at the stock market the stocks that had exposure to bitcoins and cryptocurrencies has rise as much as 1000%

Couldn't invest in bitcoin? Invest in this stock that has 10,000% profit potential (GREE stock) 6

Marathon Digital Holdings (Mara)  is one of the companies that has one of the biggest mining operations in North America. Post pandemic prices jumped from $0.30 to $57.75 a whopping 165 times gains within a year.

This type of gain is every investor’s dream. Cathy Wood from Ark investment has predicted bitcoin price will cross $500,000 within 2025.

The stock that I am going to share is called “Greenidge Generation and holdings” ticker symbol GREE

At its highest it went to $316.50 Current market price at the time of writing this article is $25.

Couldn't invest in bitcoin? Invest in this stock that has 10,000% profit potential (GREE stock) 7

After the merging with a customer relationship management company and its’ debut to the stock market, the stock crashed to less than $30 slashing its market cap and value.

A lot of fear and attack from the short-sellers scaring away investors.

Here’s why I think GREE will rise to $150 within a couple of weeks.

  1. GREE is extremely oversold. Only 9.52 Million Shares are available for trading from 30 Million shares that have been issued (insiders can not sell the shares due to a lockout period of 180 Days) So shorts are lending shares to cover their positions, but fortunately, they are not covering their shorts and keep shorting the stock. Similar company Mara’s free float is 90.41 Million, 10 Times more than GREE. Because of lower supply, the demand can build up.
  2. Comparing the market cap with other competitor’s MARA (3.76B), RIOT (2.82B) GREE is extremely undervalued ($983M). if Gree matches up with its competitor’s market cap the price will be $150-200 which is 5 times the share price that it is now.
  3. Greenidge has ordered 10,000 Bitcoin miners from Bitman to increase their mining process.
    Press release:
  4. They are expected to open another mining facility in South Carolina in the 4th Quarter of 2021 and 10,000 miners will be in operation in the 2nd quarter of 2022.
  5. <


The short interest data from Ortex shows many investors are heavily shorting this stock. with the lending fee going as much as 110% . A short squeeze is imminent.

All of these data leads to one thing. The future is brighter than the sun for Greenidge Generation.

This post is a sponsored PR post for Greenidge Generation. For details please visit here


Title V permit renewal has been issued for Greenidge Generation Dresden, New york operation.

Title V permit renewal has been issued for Greenidge Generation Dresden, New york operation. 8

The department of Environmental Conservation has issued a renewal affirmation for the new york-based energy and bitcoin mining company Greenidge’s generation and holdings.

The affirmation came after the take over of and its debut into the New York stock exchange. The permit will expire no later than 5 years after the issuance.

The Dresden facility has been granted authorization to emit up to 641,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year. This equates to 708 million pounds of coal burned, 116 thousand homes’ average annual power consumption, or 1.6 billion miles traveled by a passenger vehicle.

According to Coinscreed, Greenidge Generation has mined 250,000 Bitcoins since its operations. It’s one of the few companies in the bitcoin mining industry that claims to be 100% carbon neutral with their clean-burning natural gas power plant.

This post is a sponsored PR post from Greenidge Generation. For details please visit here


SEC filings: SPRT sold 100% share after merging with GREE

SEC filings: SPRT sold 100% share after merging with GREE 9

9/17/2021 (Marketwatch) A recent SEC filing has revealed major stockholders at SPRT sold 100% of its shares after the marge with Greenidge (GREE).

SP2 Filing with SEC revealed for every 100 shares of SPRT the stockholders will receive 11 GREE shares. SPRT has lost 90% of it’s value within 3 trading days after the merging was announced. After the opening bell in Wednesday GREE’s stock plummeted to $40 only which brings SPRT’s value to $4.20. Many retail investors has complained their shares had been locked out and brokers weren’t given notification of the corporate change hence, they couldn’t sell in time. It’s noted that after the debut of GREE with NYSE, the insider can’t sell shares for 180 days because of lockout.

Bragar Eagle & Squire, a prominent law firm has opened an investigation against the SPRT board members whether the directors saw an unfair process and agreed on unfair merging acquisitions.


Cathie Wood ARKF acquired 5.5% from ICE, GREE, DSY, HOOD after selling $66 Million TSLA

Cathie Wood ARKF acquired 5.5% from ICE, GREE, DSY, HOOD after selling $66 Million TSLA 10

9/16/2021 (Bloomberg) Cathie wood’s ARK innovation funds has sold $66 Million worth of TSLA (tesla) shares or about 89,000 shares of TSLA.

Ark Investment Management LLC funds sold almost 89,000 shares in Tesla and added more than 236,000 of Robinhood, according to the firm’s daily trading update. They’ve added about 390,000 Robinhood shares so far this month.

ARK fund has sold more than a million shares of TSLA in the last 5 months following a tumble of inflation fear. China has issued an investigation of Tesla motors following privacy and security concerns.

On the 16th of September, ARKF (ARK innovation fund Finance) reported 5.5% capital allotment for ICE, GREE, DSY and HOOD. The new allotment can be accessed here: