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Top 10 best action movie for February 2021 on amazon Prime


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Amazon prime video is one of the best sites to watch movies. so it is very hard to choose the best movies in your favorite category. Because there are thousands of movies under many categories on the Amazon prime website. here are the top 10 action movies you can watch through Amazon prime video.

The Avengers


The ambition and design of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is confirmed in Avengers, a pioneering superhero group. The film stars Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, the Black Widow, and Hawkeye, who for the first time threaten a revelation from a villain named Loki. Writer-director Jose Weeden proves that comic-book-style crossovers can be played on the big screen as well as on the page.


The Bourne Ultimatum


The Bourne Ultimatum, the third film in the original Bourne trilogy, is a bit behind in the integrity of the series. It offers a satisfying proposition to Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), a world-tired spy who is eager to put his espionage life behind him. Bourne seeks out those responsible for his condition, reveals the secrets of a dangerous government program, and works to cover up his personal trauma.




After Michael Bay’s increasingly explosive and bombastic Transformer movies, Rotating Bumblebee is a refreshing change of pace. It tells the light and fun story of the 1980s, through an alien robot named Haley Steinfeld. In the end, she has to save him from the agents of the ugly government and prevent the Decepticons evil robot from taking over the Earth.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon.



Director Ang Lee created the Crouching Tiger, the Hidden Dragon, with the experience of American Indian drama, combining the long tradition of Chinese historical martial arts epic Wuxia. It is a story full of action and it is rich in emotions and character development like in beautiful fight scenes. In the Oscar-winning film, Chow Yoon-Fat, Michelle Yeh and Zhang Xi contribute to the story of an 18th-century political conspiracy and unrequited love.


The Expandables


Sylvester Stallone collects a stellar cast of action heroes for the Expendables. Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Lee, Randy Couture and Terry Kerwes play members of a group of mercenaries hired to overthrow a tyrant. With the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Steve Austin, and many more, The Expendables is one of the top celebrations of old-school macho work.





The climax of his Hollywood career as Hong Kong action master John was the stupid thriller Face / Off. As part of a ridiculous plan for the authorities to find the location of the bomb, a criminal mastermind (Nicholas Cage) and an FBI agent (John Travolta) are transferred. Cage and Travolta constantly elevate each other with their carefree performances, while Wu offers a variety of fascinating action sequences.


Live Free Or Die Hard


None of the Die Hard successors are close to 1988 original, but the fourth installment, Live Free or Die Hard, has its strengths. Star Bruce Willis as the seemingly inappropriate John McClain and Justin Long have a fun friend-police dynamic, and the weird hacker McClain joins to stop a cyber-terrorist (Timothy Oliphant). Director Len Weissman presents an impressive action sequence and makes a powerful addition to the series as Mary Elizabeth Winstead McLane’s Snack Daughter.


Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


Mission: The Impossible series may be the most stable active voting power in Hollywood, and the fourth installment, the Host Protocol, is the highest point in this series. The Host Protocol, directed by Brad Byrd, sends Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), a spy, on a mission to prevent a nuclear attack by a Russian terrorist (Michael Nikequist). It introduces new agents starring Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton, with the most exciting feature of the series, the climb to the side of Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.


The Running Man


Based on a Stephen King novel, Running Man is in many ways a precursor to the absurdity of reality TV. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a police officer who is framed to shoot a rioter. Will be forced to be a competitor in a game show. The dystopian action film features colorful characters and a silly one-liner, as well as Richard Dawson’s excellent performance as Family Feuds as the show’s sad host.


Star Trek Beyond.


The third film in the revived Star Trek series, the Star Trek Beyond trilogy is a relaxed and lively film that has a self-contained plot reminiscent of isolated episodes from the original TV series. Justin Lynn, a veteran of the Fast & Furious series, is directing an action-packed film in which Enterprise’s crew encounters an alien planet and is determined to destroy the United Planet Congress.










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