Nikki Fried to support Florida teacher who was fired upon using Marijuana

Nikki Fried to support Florida teacher

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to news, the case of a teacher being fired in Florida is looked over by a high-level state elected official.

According to Nikki Fried who intends in running for governor in two years’ time intends on strengthening laws to protect citizens. Fried says she wants to protect users of medical marijuana by strengthening laws.

Fried who is the commissioner of agriculture and consumer services and the State’s only democrat holding statewide elected office says the case of Allison Enright is a case of example. According to her the former Brevard County teacher who was fired due to using medical marijuana was an example that highlighted the need for stronger laws to be applied in similar situations.

Fried said, “I will always be a cannabis advocate. That is what my passion is.”

The use of the medical marijuana pill to reduce chronic pain by Enright got her expelled from the school she was working for. The law said that she violated the district’s requirement to be a drug-free place.

Reportedly, she is still trying to get her job back.

Man arrested in Flagler County for threatening ex-girlfriend

Man arrested in Flagler County for threatening ex-girl friend

FLAGLER COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to Flagler County Sheriff’s office, a man was arrested upon allegedly threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend.

The arrest, Aron Thayer of 39 was taken into custody upon the complaints against him. According to the deputies, Thayer had driven back from Connecticut to Florida all the way from work to his ex-girlfriend’s residence and broken into her house. He then threatened to kill her.

Upon breaking into her house, he also stole $400 and chased the woman with a firearm in his hand. Apparently, Thayer drove down from work realizing that the woman had disconnected the security cameras that were installed by him.

With Thayer still chasing her, the woman fled the premises and was met with the responding officers who were nearby responding to another report. The woman was taken care of and seated in the patrol car.

Thayer was then taken into custody who reportedly did not comply initially.

According to the deputies, Thayer was charged with writing threats to kill, attempting premeditated murder with a firearm in possession, petit theft, and resisting arrest without violence.

Driver of a stolen car arrested in Ocala

Driver of a stolen car arrested in Ocala

OCALA, FLORIDA- According to the Ocala Police Department, a driver of a stolen car was arrested upon a pursuit stopped.

According to the news, the attempt to stop the vehicle using stop sticks has been unsuccessful. The vehicle had then entered the I-75 northbound, where according to the officers it had tried to pursue away from the members of the Ocala police department.

Apparently, the driver of the stolen car was ultimately tried with using a PIT maneuver by the deputy and was successful in stopping him. The driver was immediately taken to Marion Jail County, according to the deputies.

Deadly crash kills a Motorcyclist in Osceola Parkway

Deadly crash kills a Motorcyclist

OSCEOLA COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to Florida Highway Patrol, a motorcyclist was pronounced dead upon a fatal crash in Osceola Parkway Sunday evening.

The authorities say the motorcyclist had lost control while he was traveling westbound on Osceola Parkway. Apparently, the cause of the lost control is yet not known.

The officials of the Florida Highway Patrol said that the motorcyclist upon being ejected from his bike died while on the Osceola Parkway.

Further investigations are carried out pertaining to the crash.

1 dead while 2 others injured during a car crash in Volusia County

1 dead while 2 others injured during a car crash

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a person was pronounced dead while two others were reported as injured followed by a fatal car crash in Volusia County.

According to the deputies, the occurrence of the crash was on State Road 40 and check station road. Apparently, a car that was heading westbound had traveled into the westbound lane and hit the front of a truck.

The troopers said that the truck which got hit had a wheelchair in it which apparently detached and hit a car behind it on the westbound lane.

The passenger in the truck was pronounced dead at the crash scene. Reportedly, the two drivers from the truck and the car were immediately transferred to Halifax Medical center followed by serious injuries from the accident.

Further investigations are being conducted by the officials.

Murder suspect who fled the scene in search by the Orlando Police

Murder suspect who fled the scene

ORLANDO, FLORIDA- According to the Orlando Police, the suspect, Rajari Lamar is on the lookout by the department for a possible murder. The public is warned against the suspect who is dangerous and armed and who had attempted to murder the victim by shooting him multiple times.

A social media alert was put out on Saturday by the Orlando Police Department hoping that anyone with information relating to the suspect, Rajari Lamar Smith would step forward.

The victim according to the news suffered from multiple gunshot wounds as well as sustained life-threatening injuries including losing his vision. The gunshot wounds were reported to be both on the face and body of the victim.

The news release says that Smith was seen fleeing the crime scene in the Kissimmee area.

The suspect was described as a person with a crown tattoo over his right eyebrow and a large NFL logo tattoo on his neck.

Anyone with his whereabouts is requested to contact the Crime Line at 800-423-TIPS. According to police the public is warned against the suspect and advised not to approach

Man in Orlando robbed of his French bulldog

Man in Orlando robbed of his French bulldog

ORLANDO, FLORIDA- According to investigators, a Florida man was robbed of his French bulldog and the owner is desperate to get it back.

Johny Matos, the owner says, “It’s been heartbreaking, It’s been too much, it’s a real burden that we are carrying right now.”

According to Matos, he was walking his dog, Bugsy the usual time through the Enclave subdivision when the robbery happened. Initially, he noted a vehicle following him but said he wouldn’t have ever imagined the horror that was to come moments later.

Matos said, “He came to me and said, give me the dog or I’m going to pop you. “

According to him, for him what’s more unbearable is the look on Bugsy when it was handed over.

Upon nabbing Bugsy, the thief had apparently run off and gotten into the vehicle he came in.

According to Matos, “The Audi they were driving was silver, the brakes were so distinct if you heard them you would turn to look because it was that kind of noise c coming off of them.”

Upon reporting, the Orange County Sheriff’s office responded and said that Matos is still with raw emotions.

According to Matos, Bugsy has been a family member since the beginning of the pandemic. He has announced a reward of $2500 to anyone who brings Bugsy back.

Matos added, “Whoever did this, it’s just a matter of time before your door gets kicked in. He will be back, I got faith he will be back.”

According to the news, the investigators are looking into the surveillance at the point of occurrence; the subdivision. More evidence is yet to be collected from the surveillance of neighbor’s cameras.

Anyone with information on Bugsy is requested to contact the Orange County Sherriff’s office.

Driver dead upon losing control and hitting a tree in Bloomingdale

Driver dead upon losing control and hitting a tree

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA– According to the Hillsborough County sheriff’s office, an investigation of a fatal car crash is being conducted.

According to the officer’s deputies responded to a call and arrived at the intersection of Nature’s way Boulevard and Golf meadow Boulevard. The occurrence had involved a car overturning and hitting a bicyclist.

Apparently, the driver of the 2018 Silver Kia Stringer had lost control of his car before hitting a tree and a bicyclist. While the driver of the car was pronounced dead immediately, the bicyclist was transferred to Tampa General Hospital due to critical condition.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said, “Our traffic homicide department is processing the scene and waiting for toxicology results that would reveal whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. At this point, we know the vehicle was driving over the speed limit. This is a tragic example of the importance of obeying traffic laws and making safety the top priority. Tonight one was is dead and another fighting for their life due to reckless driving.”

Any information relating to the ongoing investigations is requested to be provided at HSCO- 813-247-8200.