Mom trespassed after she says Audubon Elementary ‘lost’ her kid twice

Mom trespassed after she says Audubon Elementary ‘lost’ her kid twice 1


A 29-year-old Florida mom, Kayla Magnuson, was issued a trespass warning by a Brevard County deputy after threatening the school. The principal said the school made mistakes but that the child was never lost.

Audubon Elementary

Candace Jones, principal of Audubon Elementary, has since spoken with Magnuson and said she considered the issue resolved, but Magnuson who withdrew her daughter from the school the day after the incident told she wasn’t ready to let it go.


According to the reports, principal Jones sent an email to Florida Today stating, “We take the concerns of all our parents very seriously. We take equally seriously any threats made to our school and/or staff. The decision to trespass Ms. Magnuson was made after several warnings and out of an abundance of caution for our students and employees who witnessed the incident.”

Magnuson explained she did not threaten anyone. “What I said was, ‘If someone doesn’t find my child, I’m going to go postal,’” Magnuson said. “That’s a big difference.” “This is how school started for me,” Magnuson said, recounting the first incident. “I went to pick my daughter through the car loop and her former teacher from the year prior … told me they had sent her to aftercare. It seemed like an honest mistake.”

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