Amazing Tips And Tricks For ipadOS 14 .

Tips and Tricks for ipadOS14



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iPadOS is the version of iOS that runs on Apple’s iPad. This iPadOS 14 was released alongside iOS 14 on September 16.


  • Compatibility with all devices able to run iPadOS 13.
  • Widget redesign.
  • New Apple Pencil features.
  • App Clips.
  • No full-screen calls.
  • Privacy enhancements.

So here I have gathered a list of Amazing Tips and Tricks for people who are using a ipadOS 14 and willing to use an IpadOS 14.


Translate Languages in Safari.

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IpadOS14 lets you translate foreign websites in Safari — open Safari’s aA menu, and then select Translate to English.


Adjust Screenshot Opacity.

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This is one of the tips and tricks among various tips and tricks in ipadOS14. Do you comment on multiple screenshots on the iPad? Then here’s a very important tip: you can use the new opacity slider at the top right of the screen to set the opacity. Is especially useful in enhancing the visibility of comments on annoying screenplays.


No typing; only writing.

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Apple has broken all records in its handwriting analysis. The technology is so advanced that users can write instead of typing any field they want to feed the text. The Apple Pencil travels like a glove with the iPad 14. This is also one of the tips and tricks among various tips and tricks in ipadOS14.

This brand-new ipadOS comes with a brand new addition dubbed scribble. With an Apple pencil, You can simply start writing anywhere on the screen and the scribble will automatically convert your handwritten text into a typed text.

 Brand new widgets.

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The widget layout on the home screen is the same as in iOS 14, but there are new widgets to check out. To access them, swipe on the home screen. You can paste them into the sidebar.

The process of adding widgets and the different types available are also different. You can now add small, medium, or large versions of the same widget. You can add them as your wish. To get started, hold down an empty part of the home screen, then press the plus sign (+)


Universal Search.

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The design of the operating system matures, With ipadOS14. With the universal Spotlight-style search, the iPad behaves more like a Mac. But considering this case the behaviour of ipadOS like a mac is very good.

To find the Universal search press  Command + Space or swipe down on the Home screen.

Here you can write a search for anything and it will spread all over the internet too! Application results are immediately highlighted in the results – press Enter to open one. You can do the same for all the websites you have visited before. So I think this is one of the best features best and a very good feature came with ipadOS14.


Draw Perfect Shapes in the Notes App.

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If you ever write notes in the Notes app, you probably have to draw shapes. Whether it’s a streaming note or a boxed box, iPadOS 14 lets you transform your graphics into perfect formats. To test it, open the Notes app and select the pen, pencil or highlighter tool using the Apple Pencil or your finger. Draw a shape, then hold the apple pencil or finger shape for a few seconds in the end. This is one of the best features you can experience on apple iPadOD 14.


Set default email and browser apps.

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Another way to grow like the iPad Mac you can now set up standard apps for email and browser servers. You can configure Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and many more as your default browser. You can change your default email server to Spark, Gmail, Outlook and many more third party options experience.

Once if you have changed the default browser, all the links you tap in an app will open directly in the browser instead of Safari.

To change your default browser or email open the Settings app and go to the respective app you want to change.

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