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A Trump Supporter was arrested in a Capitol uproar.



FLORIDA-A Florida resident requested to be free, who was arrested in January during Capitol uproar earlier this year. He claimed that he was not involved in any violence as he was just following the orders of Donald Trump.

According to newly field report, Michael Curzio’s lawyers explained that the capitol was crowded with hundreds of people. Capital doors were open and commanders were allowing everyone to pass in and that was the time when Curzio entered.

His lawyers also claimed that Curzio is not accused of any violent act, the one and only mistake made by him was he ‘’milled about’’.

He is facing charges of unlawful entry, engaging in the violent entry, disorderly conduct on capitol grounds, entering and remaining in the restricted building, demonstrating in a capitol building.

He was arrested by the police on 6 January and then taken back into custody on 14 January.


United States Capitol Police stated that Curzio was entered the upper level of the United States Capitol.

Curzio’s lawyers state that he should be released as he was not involved in any of the violent acts.

Mr. Curzio state that he was on Capitol grounds where he was protesting along hundreds of people and he was just following the orders of President Trump, who billed himself as the country’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Other members, along with him was protesting, might be involved in any violent attack towards the police officers, but there is no claim that he personally did something, according to the statement. He also told that when he tried to go out, other uproarers were blocking his way out.

On 6 January, Mr Curzio went out to join the protest. But then, unfortunately, he listened to Donald Trump’s declaration, his intentions were changed and he decided to March to the capital Grounds. There is not any clear allegation and prof regarding the violent attack that could show his dangerous intentions.

In records, Police found that Curzio has lived for eight years in prison on a charge of homicide murder and was relieved in February 2019.

Curzio agreed to give his passport and guns into custody but he must be placed under general supervision and report weekly on the phone if the bond is granted.

Five people were reported to be killed during the “Trump supporters attack.”


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