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5 Best Things You Can Do with Siri on Your Mac.


5 Best Things You Can Do with Siri on Your Mac. 1
BY= GadgetsBeat.

Siri on your Mac , Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are fighting for the assisting throne for a long time and MacOS users no longer have to look. Since 2016 Apple has baked Siri for every version of MacOS since Majova and you can run it on older Macs as well.

Siri on your Mac Is an intelligent personal assistant coming up to help you with various tasks and rescuing you from various problems arising when you are using your Mac. With time apple started to use Siri with their many products. iPhone and iPad were its sole domain. Then it directly inserted into Apple Watch and Apple Tv. Fortunately, now Siri is on Mac, We can do few cool things with Siri on our mac.

So here I have gathered a list of 5 things you can do with Siri on your Mac, Without further discussions, Let’s move into the article.


Finding Files or Folders.















If you want to find a group of files, a folder, or a single file, ask Siri on your mac. I’m sure you can do this with Spotlight, but it’s cooler to do it with your mouth. “Hey Siri, find word documents created last week” or ” show me videos from October 2019.” Siri will double-check your command and take you to your preview. This thing definitely helps you in these situations otherwise you have to find your folders searching one by one.


Reading Emails.
















The days of reading your own email were gone. The days of Siri reading your email to you have begun. To start this action, say “Hey sir, read emails” and you will see a preview of unread emails. These emails will appear in the Siri window, and if you tap one of them with the mouse, you can go to the email and respond. If you do not take any action, Siri will continue to read all of your unread emails, allowing you to hear the subject line, sender name, and email date and time of your inbox.


Perform Web and Image Searches.

Siri can search webpages and image searches for you, Only thing you have to do is asking the question from Siri by saying ” Hey Siri ” and it will find and show you the results. Try asking entertainment questions such as ” Michael Jackson songs?”, Then Siri will show you the results for your question, It is quite simple and easy.


Make Reminders, Appointments, and Notes.

If you have a short-term time memory, or if you forget everything easily, You can use Siri as your personal assistant to remind you of everything on time. Just tell Siri ” Remind me to pick up some fruits for my friend” and Siri will definitely remind you what you said Siri to do. Better still, Reminders will propagate to your other devices like iPhone and iPad, so no matter where you are or where you go, they’ll always be with you. Fortunately, that is a very good thing for our lives.


Control Basic Settings.















Who should press the buttons to increase or decrease the volume for music or movies when Siri does it for you? “Hey Siri, turn up the volume.” Need to increase or decrease screen brightness? Need to enable or disable Bluetooth? Wifi? You can do all this work by listening to Siri. This thing is charming and full of personality. While it may not rank as well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it is more than just their own thing. For Mac users, it really is your only choice, so knowing these surprises can make your everyday computer sessions a little easier and more fun. So tell me what was your favorite thing about Siri among these 5.


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