5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM.


5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 1
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Your system does not always use all its RAM, maybe your system has enough RAM to run it well, it’s something else that slows down the performance and will not have much effect after changing it.

There are times when you need to update RAM, it all depends on your computer, including how old it is, how fast your computer’s RAM is, what type of RAM it has, your CPU, GPU, and HDD usage, as well as infected files that slow down your system. How many software and applications are installed?

There are times when updating Random Access Memory is a good idea. In our opinion, a computer must have at least 8 GB of RAM for everyday use, such as web browsing, video streaming, running Microsoft Office, and playing one or two games. So here I have a list of 5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s Random Access Memory. Without further discussion, Let’s move into the article.


5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 2


5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM,

Check RAM Usage.

Most people do not know how much RAM a computer uses, and it’s good until they decide to upgrade RAM. Before you go and buy a new pair of Random Access Memory for your computer you should check how much RAM your system is using. If your system is short of RAM, this can be a major problem and upgrades are essential.

5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 3
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To check how much RAM your computer uses, launch CTRL + ALT + DELETE or right-click on the taskbar and click Task Manager. Click More info to open Advanced View and click Memory under the Performance tab. Here you can see the RAM you have used and the space on it available. If you find that the amount available (50% or more) is too high, there is no need to upgrade the RAM.


Check RAM Speed & Type.

RAM upgrading can be easy and challenging if you do not know the types. If you have somehow found RAM for your computer, check the type that your motherboard supports. If your computer is old, it may be using outdated DDR3, and purchasing DDR4 will not help. You will change the entire motherboard because you want to grab that latest RAM stick with a sweet deal.

5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 4

If you have access to RAM that supports your computer, the second thing you need to check is speed. RAM speeds of 2400 MHz, 3,000 MHz, or higher can be considered and significant improvements are made.

Overclock RAM For Faster Speeds (Intel XMP).

Have you made a custom computer? If you have a custom computer that uses XMP-based RAM you can get better performance from it. With the help of XMP profiles, if you choose a high-performance profile, it effectively changes the RAM settings to run at high potential speeds on your system.

5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 5
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XMP is an Xtreme memory profile that allows you to customize multiple memory settings by selecting a different profile, taking advantage of the standard memory speed. This is great for those who do not want to manually block the RAM by changing the frequency, voltage, and timing.

Download Intel XMP Memory For Intel Core Processors Datasheet.

Check CPU Usage For Bottlenecks.

Another thing to check if you are updating RAM. If you think your computer is running slow, you should check the Task Manager CPU usage.

5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 6

When you realize that your CPU is often overused but not RAM, this means that your system is using a low-level processor, the CPU will be weak, or maybe the fault is not RAM. Getting new RAM at higher speeds should not be a hindrance to the system, and look at the CPU if you need an upgrade.

Try SSD Instead.

Finally, if you check the first step and your RAM is more than 50% free and you still have performance issues, it’s time for you to go for an SSD.

5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your PC’s RAM. 7
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There is no better upgrade than switching from HDD to SSD on a PC. If you are still using an HDD, choosing a large amount of space may not be so useful, the NVMe SSD is one of the fastest drives available and is fully integrated with RAM to enhance large performance.


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