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5 photos of Dog sleeping that will make you say Awwwwww

5 photos of Dog sleeping that will make you say Awwwwww 6


This list compiled by Orlando Solution came to you with the most amazing and cute positions that make you say Awwwww



  1. Puppy warming its paws

    Imagine coming to our home and seeing your puppy busking his paws in front of the heater. this photo can be any cuter than this. the most amazing photo been snapped by it’s south korean owner “Sun Li”

  2. This dog is sleeping happily

    Cuddlers: Wait, my life is fulfilled. come here you
    Doggy: uff uff

  3. Dog asked: Can I sleep on the couch? I said: Be my guest
    This picture was shared by out South Carolina friend @karenlop2, The dog’s name is Max and he’s been with them for 3 years. With his amazing sense of humour this dog stole our heart.
  4. Chilling with my mate
    Our photographer from Long island snapped this amazing photo of a guy chilling with his dog.
  5. It’s a long tiring day
    it’s a long tiring day after a long trip to the smoky mountain. The span is caught by our community member barbara palvin.


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