5 Inspiration of Using Mascara to Rock your Eyes


With all time passing out, either you are beauty influencer or getting out of your teenage and you feel you do not know nothing about makeup. First of all, you have been over worried about your beauty.

On of the most important thing is that you weren’t born with long, dark and voluminous lashes. Mascara helps you with your problems.

Don’t worry! We have found inspiration of using mascara to make your eyes beautiful. This article is made for your beautiful eyes. Try this to get more prettier.

Try bend wand of your mascara and this technique give you more control for an application Sweep towards nose, It will smudge better and eye look bigger.

However, you can not only bend conventionally whereas pre-bended wand mascaras are available in market.

You are very worried bout the quality of your product and cursing the brand. however, moisture and dry weather makes the product less worthy. so if you use such trick can reimburse your goods work according to your expectation.


  • 1.heat your mascara
  • 2. place your tube in hot water
  • 3. wiggle your pod before using

Heat your eyelash curler using your blow dryer. It helps to apply better on your eyes. You eyes look perfect with this tip.

Curl your lashes with spoon. It can lift your lash up appears to be thick, long and voluminous. In the meantime you can use petroleum jelly to stick your mascara better.


Worrying about the volume? Apply one coat of mascara and the add some baby powder on layer then add final application of mascara on-fleek.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s rock your eyes…




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