3-year-old boy beaten with tire iron until death in Tallahassee


A 23-year-old Te’Lea Jefferson is charged with murder and aggravated battery for the toddler’s death. In the investigation, it was found that Jefferson threw the tire iron at him, and admitted to using it to hit the child several times.



As per the reports, Jefferson brought the unresponsive boy to the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital at 6:58 p.m. with severe trauma to his head and face.

Records show the 3-year-old boy had a body temperature of 88 degrees when he arrived at the ER. He was pronounced dead six minutes later by hospital staff, who called Tallahassee police.

According to the recently released reports, Jefferson claimed he struck his head on the toilet, and broken pieces of porcelain caused cuts on the boy’s body. She reportedly admitted she attacked the boy because he wouldn’t stop standing on the sink.


Investigators said Jefferson also admitted to physically punishing the boy before, telling officers he was stubborn and “often required more strikes or blows than his older sibling,” the arrest report said. Records show Jefferson lived with the victim and his 6-year-old brother, both of whom had suffered abuse in the past.

Jefferson to be held without bond. She is expected to appear in court again on Thursday.

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Written by Charles Stillwater

Mr. Charles has worked with BBC for several years before joining as chief editor for Orlando Solution. He is a father of two beautiful daughters and currently living in the beautiful city of Orlando. He likes to play basketball in his free time.


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  1. A 3 year old beaten to death by his “mother” is so horrible to even imagine!!! Sadly, this little boy died in the worst way possible! And the woman kept lying to try and blame the child, showing NO REMORSE. And to think a toddler’s head would break a toilet bowl shows she was also stupid. Hope she never gets to see the six year old who she also abused. The death penalty is far too good for her. Where were the boy’s fathers??!

    • I am just as confused. I have read that she was not the Mother; she was the Mother’s girlfriend. I remember reading that she went to her husband’s bedroom to fetch the tire iron. I am not sure whose husband. Either way to to kill a child because he is brushing his teeth is a serious problem. If she couldn’t handle it, she should have informed the Mother. There is a good chance she may get the death penalty.

  2. Maybe someone needs to hit her with a tire iron. She would not like it either. My heart goes out to the boys parents
    And may GOD have mercy on that ladies soul

  3. I pray they put her in general population and those ladies give her a good old fashion whoops there it is. That poor baby suffered everyone that has children do not need them. Keep your legs clothes and if you cant do that use birth control, or get sterilization done. These children can not fend for themselves! God knew what this little one would be from the moment of conception and his mother took that away!

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