20 photos of Sophia Turner you have never seen before


Who have not seen the HBO famous fantasy drama series “Game of Thrones”? Sophia Turner is known for her bold and awesome role as Sansa Stark. Here are the 20 photos of Sophia Turner that you have not seen.  The series’s wide popularity gave Sophia a new fame.  

he put herself as a strong and upbeat women on media. She is not just known for her acting career but also known for empowerment. 


24-year-old Turner has gained so much success and fame in her life. She is a fashion diva who has many teenage fans. 

Hardworking Turner was not only concerned in her acting career in her teen but she also succeed to manage her studies. Turner had tutor on the set of Game of Thrones until the age of 16.

There is no doubt that Turner cannot flaunt any makeup look. This actress is an absolute beauty even without expensive makeup. 

Apart from her designer clothes, she feels comfortable wearing casual clothes. She is nice towards paparazzi and greets them politely.

Sophia Turner has a very special bond with Maisie Williams, who played sisters in the series Game of Thrones. Sophia has shared some of the important and devastating moments of her life with Maisie. She counts Maisie as her best friend.

Sophia is married to Joe Jonas, one of the brothers in the boy band Jonas brother. They two are perfect for each other and look so cute holding hands in public. 

They have supported each other in their career. They are always together in both ups and downs.

Sophia plays a very important role in holding the Jonas brothers together. She believes that family is everything.

Sophia had a very hard time before. She was going through mental illness and depression. Though her career was going in the right direction there was something that was occupying her mind.


But she never let her career down and always gave her best in her way. That is the reason why we call her a strong lady.

Her on set friend Maisie helped her to get out of depression. She fought back, She is very happy to have Maisie in her life.

She is a very talented and awe-inspiring artist. Her role in Game of Thrones made her a queen in this industry.

photos of Sophia Turner

She loves music. This is her old Instagram picture.

Sophia is an outstanding actress. She has gained above 15 million followers on Instagram. 

Joe Jonas and Sophia are expecting a child. They have confirmed the news. They are having a baby girl. 

This adorable couple looks amazing in public. Their fans adore them so much. 

She is a major concern in media. Her fans are crazy for her since her mind-blowing acting and role in Game of Thrones. 

Joe and Sophia travel together. They are mostly seen together in public and award shows.

Source:  Wikipedia

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