20 Before and After Plastic Surgery Images of Actress


Plastic surgery is an occurrence that’s not uncommon: You are clicking through some #TBTs, you happen upon a dated photo of a celeb, you pause and think to yourself,

“Huh, did she get some work done?”

And, yes, while it’s true that tons of celebs have had some alterations—and will admit to it—not all famous people are super open about their plastic surgery adventures,

leaving us to forever wonder if they did, in fact, go under the knife or if they’re just contouring masters.

Obviously, landing in Hollywood means you have access to the world’s best plastic surgeons,

most of whom are adept at tweaking a star’s visage just enough to make them look like a more attractive version of their God-given selves.


we’ve highlighted 20 celebrities who all seem to have had some work done.

Granted, many have aged or slimmed down, which indeed can contribute to facial changes,

but if you really turn a critical eye to their actual features,

you might start to see that all look a

it different from what they once did. But hey, we’re not judging.


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