20 Beautiful Choker inspiration for girls


Choker necklace designs have been popular since the Middle Ages and are a design which sits snugly around the neck.

Designs like the Cleopatra-inspired piece above are more collar-like. You can usually adjust the sizing of most choker necklaces easily with different fastenings around the neck.

Many people have custom-made chokers made to a specific length. Chokers are often made of either one single piece of material or made of multiple different small elements.

Chokers are most popular in velvet, gold, and ribbon and were a common option during the Victorian era.

Recently these neck-hugging jewelry design has come back into fashion taking runways by storm all over the world.


The choker can either sit very high on the neck or just below the collarbone; you’ll find that the second option will be a little longer and dangle more freely.

Some choker designs will also feature a pendant which dangles from the center. Amber pendant designs have been popular in the past.

Over the centuries necklaces have always stayed in fashion, chokers, however, have gone in and out of fashion consistently.

Looking back to when the neckline of clothing was a lot lower, the choker made a great statement piece.

Some even layered choker after choker, until they covered their entire neck in diamonds and other luxury materials.


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