2 teaches accused of trading Marijuana with students in Brevard County

2 teaches accused of trading Marijuana


2 teaches accused of trading Marijuana
James Brand of 50 and Amy O’-Relly Brand of 45

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to Sheriff Wayne, two teachers in Brevard County were reported to be selling and using Marijuana to and with students. Although according to the accused, the crimes didn’t occur on campus premises, they used Marijuana together with students at their homes.

According to the investigation, James Brand of 50 and Amy O’-Relly Brand of 45 are the accused teachers. Both are serving as teachers in Viera High School.

The records stated that the couple would let their underage relative be in a sexual relationship with an outsider who supplied them with pot. The man had eventually moved into the couple’s Viera house and continued the relationship with their relative girl. Other underage students from the school would also join them in their house to use Marijuana.

According to the authorities, so far there has been no evidence of crime occurrence on campus.


Both Brand and O’-Relly Brand were arrested and charged against child negligence both to their relative underage and other underage students from the school.

According to the Sheriff, “This case is another great example of local and state law enforcement agencies working together to help protect our most precious citizens, our children.”

Anyone with information about this case is requested to contact Agent Cory Jackson of the Brevard County Sheriff’s office at 321-633-8419.

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