2 murders happened at East Gainesville car wash

2 murders happened at East Gainesville car wash 1


2 murders happened at East Gainesville car wash 2


GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA: As per Dean Cheshire, “There is an increase in crime in the area, and the City’s own data reveals it. I can only speak to what I see. I see a spike in crime in the area. I can also only speak to what I don’t see: I don’t see the city taking further action to end the trend.” Cheshire mentioned this in an email.


“We appreciate GPD efforts to solve the major crimes that are occurring in the area, but it is our sincere hope to instead deter and prevent crimes from happening in the first place. Those I talk to in the area agree that something has to be done.”

There are two murders that happened in Gainesville this year. According to the source, both happened at Dean Cheshire’s business, the Swamp Car Wash on East University Avenue and Ninth Street.

“One of our issues is responsible management. You have folks who own these properties, and incidents are occurring when crowds are gathering, all throughout the night, and there is no one there to tell them they’re trespassing or putting up fencing,” Assistant Chief Lonnie Scott said. “All of the businesses in that area need to be more responsible. Lighting. Chain it off. (Cheshire) put a fence up recently, which we think is a good move.”

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