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A young man arrested with bold Florida tattooed on his forehead




PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA-Pasco Police arrested a young man with a prominent and bold tattoo on his forehead who called numerous times on 911 and requested them to arrange a ride home. After investigation, he said that he did not have the cash to arrange a taxi for himself, stated by Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

22-year-old Matthew Leatham repeatedly called on 911 on early Sunday morning at about 4:30 a.m. and asked them to arrange a ride home for him. When the operator gave him a non-emergency number instead of 911, the man was doomed at the operator.


According to the arrest report, the Deputy of Pasco County met Leatham on U.S 19 in port highway Richey port just before 4:00 a.m., and he said he needs a ride home. The deputy offered him to call a taxi, but he said he did not have the cash to pay.

Leatham then began to walk in the direction of his home and again called 911. The deputy was watching him from a distance and once again asked for a ride. When the deputy saw that there is no emergency, he arrested him.  

Deputy reported that when they searched the Leatham, they also found a drug, marijuana, in his pocket. But Leatham refused to know about it.

The sheriff’s office charged Leatham of misuse of the 911 number and also because he had a drug. 


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