19-year-old shot and killed by 4 officers in Jacksonville

19-year-old shot and killed by 4 officers in Jacksonville 1


According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, a passenger in a vehicle that police pulled over Tuesday night on the Westside was shot and killed when officers said he became agitated.

19-year-old shot and killed by 4 officers

The reports said during the traffic stop on San Juan Avenue at Cassat Avenue at about 10:40 p.m., officers attempted to deescalate the situation. Police said a few minutes later, all four officers opened fire and killed the man, but the driver and a backseat passenger were not injured.


Deputies said a handgun was found on the passenger’s side of the car, but no further information about the shooting was released, including why the car was pulled over in the first place.

As per a woman, her 19-year-old grandson was the person shot. The officers will be placed on administrative leave. No more details have been released.

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Author: Jennica Mira

Jennica Mira is the senior reporter of Orlando Solution. She finished her Bachelor in Communication from the University of Central Florida and currently residing in Orlando. In leisure, she likes to read poetry and contemporary articles.

3 thoughts on “19-year-old shot and killed by 4 officers in Jacksonville”

  1. I’m trying to understand the story and how it relates to this child loosing his life during a supposedly simple traffic stop!! Administrative leave??.. should be termination. Guess I’ll have to keep reading to see what happens next.

  2. It never ends. Seeing and reading things as such makes one want to retaliate. Fuck these Police. They are murders who hide behind their badges. I’m curious to know how many are white.

  3. All you hear about is someone being shot in Jacksonville. It’s, and I’m sorry to say, but its our black young men. It seems like nothing is being done about this. You will hear about administrative leave and that is where it ends. There needs to be more of an investigation to these deaths. All over the United States you hear about reform. Why don’t you hear about it here?

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