22-year-old man arrested in face-slashing attack of 15-year-old in Orange City


Nathaniel T. Peoples, 22, from Deltona is the suspect behind the slashing of a 15-year-old in Orange City, according to the Orange City Police Department.

15-year-old in Orange City

Nathaniel was taken into custody and transported to jail on no bond. He has been charged with Aggravated Battery.

“He said he felt like he was hit. Person came around him. He was taller than him. And so he just grabbed his face and he ran here and it obviously turned out he had been cut,” said the teen’s father, Michael Benson.

The suspect made his first appearance Wednesday afternoon. “I ask your honor to not give this man a bond,” said the victim’s mother in tears. She said her son had never met the man who attacked him.  “My son is a 15-year-old boy who is introverted, kind-hearted, and would not bother a soul,” she added. “If this slash had been one inch lower, my son would have bled out on the sidewalk…with nobody.”


The judge set a bond of $50,000 for the aggravated battery charge.



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Written by Charles Stillwater

Mr. Charles has worked with BBC for several years before joining as chief editor for Orlando Solution. He is a father of two beautiful daughters and currently living in the beautiful city of Orlando. He likes to play basketball in his free time.

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