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20 Beautiful Earrings inspiration for Girls



If you’ve scrolled through Instagram in the last, IDK, three months, you’re well aware that earrings are having a moment.

Like, it seems everyone collectively agreed that those basic-ass earrings you got at the mall in seventh grade are now a thing of the past, and they’ve been replaced with the curated ear: ultra-cool, ~edgy~ earrings that are tailored to your individual vibes.

I’m talking minimalist, stacked hoops on your helix and little clusters of studs on your lobes. Basically, all the bling you stacked on your fingers last summer has now migrated up to your ears for summer 2020.

And because every single human on Instagram is about to get in on the trend, I rounded up 20 truly pretty ear-piercing ideas to help you get inspired fast.

Trust me when I say that these piercings are so good, you’ll want to book an appointment immediately (even if you’re deathly afraid of needles *raises hand*).


These dainty, perfectly curated earrings will make you want to pierce your ears right TF now.

I love how clean this curation looks—the three golden lobe piercings both complement and contrast the silver double helix studs excellently.

A powerful expression of the soul of New York, the Tiffany HardWear collection embodies the spirit and attitude of city life.

My definition of an ear party? This stacked piercing idea.

The truth is that despite frenzied speculation (was she the artist’s daughter, or perhaps his mistress?), we will probably never know the identity of the model for Vermeer’s Girl – if there even was one.


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