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20 Inspiration of Bad Girl Makeup You can do in 2020

bad girl makeup


Every girl want to become goth, wild, notorious. Our bad girl makeup inspiration helps to be the one in 2020. There are various ways which makes you what you want to be and what kind of character you would be imagining. 

Everyone have alter ego and as a famous movie Grease and you desire to be a Sandy. So, take a read on this article. It’s really answering your problems with a solution.

Eyes are the most noticeable part in a girl. It should be pompadour in most baddie way. Bad girl makeup only be successful with these tips.

First you need perfection in killer eyeliner technique, a flat line at the end through starting your line from where eyelash start.

Use spoon scale, taping and many more hard work to look like a bad girl.


Brows seems to show an expression of bad girl makeup. It denotes distinct, arch shows among the girl to add drama. More the arch more will be the bad girl.


Select toys, Oh sorry! choose a brush whereas for a richer and perfect arch use edge in spite of tip for sleek line.

Mouth is the most observant to detect a bad girl. More thriller, more criminal, more crook, a girl want to be.

Our inspiration is a key to your naughty and baddie attitude.

How to pout, filling out your mouth with pencil linning.

Apply lipsticks, gloss, or blot to add more flare in bad girl makeup.


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