13 men arrested on child pornography charges in Lakeland

13 men arrested on child pornography charges in Lakeland 1


child pornography


LAKELAND, FLORIDA: As per the announcement made by Polk County’s Sheriff Grady Judd, 13 men, ages 20-47, were arrested on 2,364 felony charges related to child pornography. Records show the men are held on more than a $12.5 million bond.

The reports say the arrest was made on a sting called “Operation Guardians of the Innocence VI”.


Among the 13 people, 27-year-old Silas Toussaint Harris, an assistant coach for the Lakeland Destroyers was also charged.

A Lakeland High School teacher and varsity soccer coach 46-year-old  Shawn Fitzgerald also faced felony charges.

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “The men arrested in this operation create a market for these kinds of horrific images that are dependent upon the continued sexual abuse and rape of babies and children worldwide.” “We are committed to protecting our children from those who possess and distribute child pornography. Each time these images and videos are uploaded and shared these children are victimized again and again. I appreciate the hard work our detectives did that was necessary to file these charges,” Sheriff added.


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