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12-year-old boy fatally shot in Lake County, deputies say

12-year-old boy fatally shot in Lake County, deputies say 1


Deputies said, 12-year-old boy fatally shot in Lake County. They said 12-year-old Jeremyah Wyatt was dead when they showed up. Investigators said that Wyatt lived in the home with his dad and stepmother and his three siblings.

“This is that one of those calls that deputies don’t want to ever go to — and paramedics. No one wants to go to where a child has been hurt,” said Lt. John Herrell with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

They also said they do not suspect any family members of shooting the person, and said they have not precluded the posibility that it was an accident. Other unserured firearms were found in the home, authorities said.


“We went out there and found a young man deceased. He’s 12 years old,” Herrell said. “It appears that this young man accessed an unsecured gun in the home and accidentally shot himself.”

“Deputies, police officers, firefighters — they’ll carry the stuff around and they act very tough and they carry it well, and they present it well,” Herrell said. “We all knew inside that it was bothering us.”

Herrell added they will be turning over the findings of their investigation to the Office of the State Attorney to decide if any criminal charges should be filed. Investigation is going on.

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