10 Tinder Tips and tricks to Double Your Dates.


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It is a free mobile dating app tailored to individuals in your area. Tinder relaunched its site-based dating app craze in 2012 and is still the most popular dating app in the US. For that reason alone, if you are single, it is worth using Tinder.

At launch, Tinder is a pioneering application in the field of online dating. Following its huge success, the same parent company, Match Group, began to feature similar dating apps, including Hing, Plenty of Fish, and Occupied. In general, Tinder’s app works very simply: you swipe to show who you are most interested in. Anyone can sign up for free, but Tinder offers several subscription-based premium features.

Tinder’s algorithm is a mystery. But there are a few known factors that can be used to your advantage and find your true love and also you can double your dates, Here I have gathered a list of 10 Tinder Tips and tricks to Double Your Dates. By reading these tips and tricks you will be able to double your dates. So without further discussions, Let’s move into the article.


Appearance is everything.

It’s not just the potential romantic needs that assess your appearance. It also explores Tinder’s algorithm. Tinder does not scan your photo to assess your attractiveness, but guesses it’s swiped by its users. So the better the photos you post the more you will get swipe rights and show you more attractive people.

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Common interests.


Tinder is always linked to your Facebook account, So You must change your Facebook profile if you need to attract people to your tinder profile. You can make a list of things you prefer, (vehicles, animals, colors, etc) By doing these things you can find dates or matches similar to your passions of preferences.


Do not post pictures you are not in.

This is a very important factor when you using dating apps like tinder to find someone or date someone. People are on tinder to see you not your vehicles, clothes, or the surroundings around you. This Is not an app like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is a dating app, People are connecting via matching them. So you must post only you.

Do not choose photos that are too similar.

Do not post similar photos of yourself on tinder. Do not post the photos of yourself in the same pose, on the same dress, In the same style. Try different photos and then you can attract many people to your tinder profile and you can get many dates too.


Do not post any kind of dirty, obscene photos of yourself.

Your Tinder account will be blocked if u posted any kind of dirty, Nude, Obscene photos of your self and this will decrease your profile rate too.  So do not post any kind of dirty or nude photos of yourself if you need your tinder account and your ratings.



Your Bio must be perfect and attractive.

You can’t get a match because you missed some important information about your dating profile. Recent studies show that 98% of women are less likely to “swipe right” if the bio is empty. If you want to go through the dates, you have to describe them in a creative way. Then you will be able to find more dates.


Be fast in conversations.

The most important thing which affecting your dates is your conversation type. You should react fast then the other one will think that he or she really needs you and they will start to chat with you and make a date with you. So this is a bigger part you have to do on tinder if you want to double the dates.

The camera roll.

Tinder recently added the camera roll option where you can directly, share your images from the camera on your device, This is the best feature you are having on tinder when you need to double the dates.


Must be a good editor.

If you are editing your images before post into tinder, You should edit your images well without any mistakes, Because people always looking at your image while they are considering your editing level too. According to my point of view, you should use editing software like Adobe Lightroom for the best and an attractive image

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Do not include pictures of boring, mundane activities.

People who are always happy without doing any boring activities are interested in many people. So in here also you should not include photos of any boring or mundane activities. You should always be happy when you are sharing a photo of yourself and then many people will be attracted to your profile.


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