10 Hollywood Famous Actors Who Appeared in Friends Tv Show

10 Hollywood Famous Actors Who Appeared in Friends Tv Show 1


Friends TV show

Friends cameo

Friends are the most standout amongst the most famous sitcoms ever, thanks in huge part to the extraordinary science between its six center stars — Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. Be that as it may, notwithstanding its generously compensated group cast, the NBC show additionally widened its intrigue by highlighting many superstar visitor stars during its time on air. While numerous well-known stars made appearances all through the sitcom’s 10-season run, a few appearances emerged more than others. Here are 10 of the best VIP visitor stars on Friends, positioned arranged by memorability. Here are the celebrities who are fans of friends Tv show and later they became guest stars on friends. famous celebrities in friends



10. Susan Sarandon

Friends cameo

Joey gets another opportunity at being a TV show star in Season 7, with some assistance from Susan Sarandon. the Episode was called “The One With Joey’s New Brain”. In the scene, he discovers that his previous character Dr. Drake Ramoray, who has been in a state of extreme lethargy for a long time, is getting another brain. Where does that new brain originate from? You got it — Jessica Lockhart, the TV character played by the narcissistic veteran star, Sarandon.

9. Robin Williams

Friends cameo

Robin Williams made a brief, however extraordinary impression during a Season 3 scene in the episode “The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion” which they boisterously burst into Central Perk and intruded on a discussion between the six companions by requesting that they move over on the love seat. As the group before long catches, Williams’ character presumes his significant other is laying down with another person. They’re altogether stunned when Billy Crystal’s character concedes he is the person her identity laying down with.

8. George Clooney

george clooney in friends

George clooney friends guest stars

ER stars George Clooney showed up in Season 1 of the individual NBC appear. In the episode “The One With Two Parts” the two played a couple of specialists who ask Monica and Rachel out on the town. What they can be sure of is that Rachel is utilizing Monica’s name so as to use her medical coverage. Obviously, bedlam results, prompting one unbalanced date.

7. Hugh Laurie

dr house in friends

We as a whole realize what it resembles to stall out by that uneasy, excessively chatty individual on a plane. In Season 4 of Friends, that individual was Rachel, and she was sitting beside Hugh Laurie, who plays a man on a departure from New York to London. At the point when Rachel loads onto the trip on her approach to attempt to stop Ross and Emily’s wedding, she’s an anxious wreck, making it a terrible ride for the diverting exasperated Laurie.

6. Julia Roberts

julia roberts as a guest star in friends


Chandler’s past comes back to haunt him in Season 2 in the form of Julia Roberts as Susie “Underpants” Moss. Susie attended the same school as Chandler as a child and still remembers the time that he pulled down her pants in front of the whole school, earning her the hated nickname. She pretends to forgive Chandler and agrees to go on a date with him, seducing him into taking off his clothes and putting on her underwear in a restaurant stall. Then, she takes off, finally getting her long-awaited revenge.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Friends cameo

Ressee witherspoon appeared in the show as one of the sister of Racheal (Jennifer Aniston) and made her way as one of the prospect girl to date Ross in Friends Tv show. Later christina applegate friends guest stars was appeared

4. Paul Rudd

ant man in friends

Phoebe at long last gets a cheerful completion on account of Paul Rudd’s character, Mike Hannigan. During his 18-episode stretch on Season 9 and 10 of the show, Mike meets Phoebe on an irregular arranged to meet up set up by Joey and the two commencement a genuine relationship. In spite of the fact that they separate because of clashing perspectives on marriage, they end up getting back together and — after a few bombed proposition — get hitched, during which Mike announces he is so grateful to have somebody “so brilliantly odd.”

3. Bruce Willis

bruce willis in friends

Bruce Willis won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on the 6th period of the show, in which he played Paul Stevens, the dad of Ross’ a lot more youthful sweetheart Elizabeth, who does not favor of the match. Whenever Ross and Elizabeth attempt to get away to Paul’s lodge, he interferes with them by appearing with Rachel, whom he’s dating. As an approach to set himself up for a night with Rachel, he begins moving and singing to himself in the mirror. Ross gets him in the demonstration and later uses it furthering his potential benefit.

2. Denise Richards

denise in friends


Denise Richards showed up in the Friends Season 7 scene “The One With Ross And Monica’s Cousin”, as the main character, Cassie. An exceptionally excellent lady, she causes Chandler, Ross and even Phoebe to be pulled in to her when she comes to visit, prompting tense circumstances as they are her cousin’s life partner, cousin and another lady individually.

1. Brad Pitt

brad pitt in friends

The most noteworthy visitor star appearance on the long-running sitcom was that of Brad Pitt in Season 8. Pitt played Ross’ closest companion from secondary school, Will Colbert, who considered Rachel his greatest foe other than complex carbs, that is. His disdain toward her ran so profoundly that he haughtily concedes that in secondary school, he began talking that she was a bisexual. Adding to the giggles? Pitt was really hitched to Jennifer Aniston at the season of his appearance.




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