Top 5 Best Controllers for PC Gaming in 2021


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Nowadays, even hardcore PC gamers are starting to switch from mouse and keyboard to gaming controller. Optimized for many game controllers as it is released via Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and many more. Especially in third-person adventures, when the objectives are not relevant, the controller is very appropriate. But there are many controllers in the market and most of them are good. By the way, all the controllers mentioned here should be easy to connect to your computer or laptop. Not only are they compatible with the respective consoles but they are also compatible with other systems.

Nowadays, the computer is a major player, and as more and more fans are drawn to it, it continues to get steam. What happens when you become a PC player who loves the classic ruling experience? What if you had a new game that you thought would play better with buttons and a joystick? So here I have gathered a list of 10 Best Controllers for PC Gaming in 2021. Without further discussions, let’s move into the article.


Xbox One Controller.

The Microsoft Xbox One Controller is currently the undisputed standard for PC controllers and it is easy to see why it is. The controller for the PC is comfortable, chic, reliable and actually works with any game that just comes to your head. In addition, the Xbox One Controller can be connected to the computer via a USB cable as well as via Bluetooth. If you like to play wireless, you should definitely buy a charge kit.





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The Xbox One controller is one of the best controllers on the market. It can be easily connected to a computer via a USB adapter. The controller has a bee shape and makes it easy to hold. Although it is one of the larger controllers, it is comfortable even in small hands. Pressure points are prominent and provide a “click” sound as sound feedback when a button is pressed



Razer Wolverine Ultimate.

The Wolverine Ultimate is the main controller for the razor, a PC, and Xbox One gamepad with six programmable rear buttons, interchangeable directional pads, and analog sticks, and razor chroma color illumination. It is also strong, comfortable, and responsive.

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Make no mistake, Razor Wolverine is the game controller’s mechanical keyboard and is perfect for serious console and computer players. You have to pay through the nose for the privilege of owning it.



PlayStation Dual Shock 4.

Sony’s DualShock 4 comes with a small premium and is just as great as the Xbox One controller. The sticks are slightly larger than the Microsoft controller and therefore easier to control. The handles also feel a little more comfortable. In addition, the DualShock 4 has a rechargeable battery. Once you start getting used to it, it feels like this feature should be the standard today.

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Other than that DualShock 4 is a fantastic computer controller. If you already have a PS4 and you have no problem with extra work, you can use its controller directly for your computer. But if you are looking for a new computer controller there are definitely easy solutions.




Steam Controller.

The Steam controller is difficult to compare with other controllers because it seeks to replace the mouse and keyboard. With the steam controller, you can easily play all the games from the sofa on the TV – even games developed without controller support. The steam controller uses two large contacts to replace the mouse. It has four default action buttons, a start and menu button, as well as four rear triggers and two buttons on the handle.


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The steam controller is very difficult to get used to. Personally, therefore, we still prefer the mouse and keyboard over a steam controller. But if you like to play from the sofa, the steam controller is worth a look.



Logitech F710 PC Controller.

The Logitech F710 gamepad is inspired by the design of the PlayStation controller and feels like a handful. The controller is wired and makes it extremely lightweight as it does not require a battery compartment or battery. The button layout of the action buttons is modeled after the Xbox 360 controller. The Logitech F710 gamepad is the cheapest of our choice. But it is still high quality and suitable for long gaming sessions.


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This PC ruler has won our hearts and this is the cheapest model on our list. The Logitech F710 wireless Xbox One not only costs about half as much as a gamepad but also weighs less than half. Despite its build quality, the D-Pad feels a bit lose and had minor issues with the controllers, especially with faster games. The shoulder buttons also felt uncomfortable and resisted too much. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.



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